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It Might Be Corny, But These DIY Burlap Candy Corn Are Super Cute

Add a sweet touch to your Halloween decor with these cute DIY Burlap Candy Corn!

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, most decorations tend to be spooky and scary, but they don’t have to be. Skulls and scary pumpkin faces aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (which that is totally understandable), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have cute and sweet decor items for the holiday! After all, they don’t call it trick or treat for nothing, am I right? Ha!

If you’re looking to add a sweet touch to your spooky season decorating, I have just the craft for you! Just like you, candy corn is so sweet, so why not add some fun candy corn flair to your Halloween decor? This cute and perhaps a little corny (ha!) DIY Burlap Candy Corn is so easy to make and can add the perfect touch of whimsical to your decorating! Plus, this craft can easily be made into different sizes so you can create a forest of candy corn or even make a candy corn family to represent your family (how cute would that be?!).

Read on below to learn how to make your own DIY Burlap Candy Corn! This craft is so sweet, you’ll be saying “I want candy.” 🙂

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Burlap fabric (you can find some at Joann!)
  • Hot glue gun with hot glue (but you could also use fabric glue!)
  • White, orange, and yellow paint (I always prefer to use the Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, and for this project I used Wedding Cake, Orange Floatie, and Sunshine Yellow)
  • Fiber fill (you can find some for a pretty good price at Walmart)
  • Paint brushes (the foam ones work best, in my opinion)
  • Scissors

Here’s How to Make Your DIY Burlap Candy Corn:

To begin making your candy corn, start by taking a rectangular strip of burlap and fold it in half. With your scissors, cut out a triangle. By folding the burlap in half before cutting, you’ll get two even triangular pieces for your candy corn. You can also use a piece of chalk to mark out your triangle and then just cut along the line. You can cut your triangles however big you’d like. When making these candy corn, I cut out different sizes so I could make a candy corn forest.

Once you have your two triangles cut out, it’s time to hot glue them. Hot glue your two pieces together along the left and right sides and on top peak, but do not glue along the bottom just yet. Leave the bottom open so you’ll be able to stuff the candy corn with the fiber fill before sealing it with hot glue. When hot gluing your candy corn, though, please be careful! Since the burlap fabric has small holes in it, the hot glue can seep through and it will be very hot. Whenever I am hot gluing something, I make sure to use some finger protectors (I picked some up from Dollar Tree!), and they work perfectly and prevent your fingers from getting burned. Again, you don’t have to use hot glue for this; fabric glue will work just as well!

After you have the left and right sides and top glued together and the glue has dried, stuff your candy corn pocket with fiber fill. You can find some fiber stuffing for relatively cheap at stores like Walmart, but if you want to try to cut costs down ever more, some crafting bloggers simply buy inexpensive pillow inserts at Walmart and then will cut them open and take out the stuffing, so you can always try that out!

Make sure to push the stuffing all the way up into the peak of the candy corn and to fill it completely with fiber fill (but not too full to the point where you can’t seal off the bottom of the candy corn).

Once the candy corn is completely stuffed, seal off the bottom with some hot glue and let it dry.

Now, before you start painting, let’s round out the corners of your candy corn with the scissors to give them more of that rounded candy corn shape. (But you can always leave the corners more pointed if you so prefer!) You can take off as much from the corners as you’d like to make them more rounded and trim up the edges—just make sure to not cut below the hot glue and reopen the pocket. If you happen to, though, don’t worry; you can always add more hot glue to reseal the pocket.

After your candy corn is stuffed and glued and the corners are rounded out, it’s time to paint!

Of course, you can paint your candy corn whatever you’d like, but I decided to stick with the traditional candy corn colors: white, orange, and yellow. To paint my candy corn, I used some foam paint brushes since it helped the paint get into the small holes of the burlap fabric, but use whatever paint brushes you have on hand! I started by painting the top third of my candy corn with white paint. You can keep painting with a new paint brush (or clean off your one paint brush first). I painted the second third orange and the bottom third yellow.

Let your candy corn rest and dry before painting the same color combination on the back (or you can just leave the back plain and only paint the front!). After your candy corn is completely painted, let it dry before putting it out with your decorations.

There you go! How simple was that? Aren’t they the cutest things you have ever seen? They are so sweet!

As always, you can find the video tutorial for these DIY Burlap Candy Corn on my TikTok!

I don’t mean to be corny, but Happy Halloween! Have fun crafting!

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