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The Colorventurer’s Guide: The Best Murals to See in Fresno, California

You have to check out all of these amazing murals in Fresno!

One of the best parts about Fresno is all of the public art. It might not seem like it at first glance, but Fresno actually has a fairly big art scene. From Downtown Fresno to the Tower District, there are plenty of incredible murals to be found. But while there are so many fun walls here, it can be hard to find an official guide of the best murals Fresno has to offer, unlike with some bigger cities in California. As I am sure you are well aware of here on The Colorventurer, I enjoy hunting for all of the most colorful and fun walls, so I thought it was about time Fresno had an official mural guide!

Most of these murals are located in Downtown Fresno (did you know we have an official Mural District?!), so it’ll make finding all of the walls on this mural tour rather easy! I hope you have a blast exploring all of these wonderful works of art (I know I did!)!

Fresno Stamp Mural

If you visit Fresno and don’t stop by the Fresno Stamp Mural, were you even here? This mural is so cool in the fact that, if you look closely at all the individual letters of Fresno, you’ll see all of the things that make Fresno truly great. From some of the city’s most famous residents to popular sites, the mural shows everything that Fresno has to offer. Plus, did you know that this is the largest mural stamp in the country? So cool!

Location: 1315 Van Ness Avenue // Artist: Francisco Vargas

#FresnoProud Mural

No Fresno Mural Tour would be complete without the #FresnoProud Mural! Featuring one of my favorite buildings (the Security Bank building!) and one of the city’s most iconic signs, this mural will definitely have you feeling that Fresno pride!

Location: 505 Van Ness Avenue // Artist: Jonny Lopez

FAB Angel Wings

You know I love a good angel wings mural, and this one is absolutely fabulous! On the side of one of Fresno’s most popular clubs, FAB Fresno, this wall was originally the cutest bright pink wall—but with the addition of the most colorful wings ever, I don’t think this mural could get any more perfect.

Location: 716 E. Olive Avenue // Artist: Nick Jones

Bitwise Hive

The Bitwise Hive building is quite literally a dozen murals rolled into one. The entire building is painted like a rainbow, making it the perfect spot for some mural tour photos. Take a walk around the building to find your favorite color or match it to your outfit!

Location: 2600 Ventura Avenue // Artists: Robert Amador and Josh Wigger

Rock ‘N’ Roll Legends Mural

Featuring some of rock and rolls greatest legends, this mural surely rocks (ha!). Stand in front of your favorite artist or take a picture at the end (like my fiancé, Ferdy, and I did!) to capture them all!

Location: 1924 Tulare Street // Artist: Brian Broughton

Tower District Mural

This mural is actually located in one of my other parts of the city: the Tower District! The Tower District is vibrant and lively, and I feel like the mural truly captures the atmosphere. After all, the Tower District always has lots of fun activities going on! As you can see in the photo, I’m dressed up for Mardi Gras.

Location: 744 E. Hedges Avenue // Mute Razz

Libelula Dragonfly

Libelula is one of the best restaurants in town (you can check them out on my official guide to Fresno!), but they also have a really cool mural right outside! Libélula actually means dragonfly in Spanish, so the mural is very fitting. But I also just love how colorful and fun it is!

Location: 1154 Broadway Street // Artists: Miguel Blanco and Monique Islas

Kobe and Gianna Bryant Mural

Muralist Omar Huerta painted this mural after the unfortunate passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. I thought it was a beautiful tribute to them both, and I loved how my community paid their respects to them. If you’re a sports fan, make sure to see this one. It is very touching.

Location: 418 N. Blackstone Avenue // Artist: Omar “Super” Huerta

The Revue Mural

Like the Bitwise Hive building, this mural at The Revue (a local coffee shop) has so many components to it that it’s like multiple works in one. Plus, all of the different colors are so beautiful.

Location: 620 E. Olive Avenue // Artist: Quinn Bowman

Sheet Music Mural

Featuring the sheet music to Amazing Grace, this mural is one of the prettiest in the city. I especially love how the trees and rose bushes frame the music. It truly is beautiful.

Location: 1441 Fulton Street // Artists: Jamie Ortega and Guillermo Lopez Jr.

Colorful Abstract Wall

This little mural is just the cutest. Located in a small alley way next to the parking lot across from the Bitwise South Stadium building, this little work of art is beautiful. I love the fun colors and abstract shapes. Isn’t it cute?

Location: 2216 Mono Street (in the alley) // Artist: Quinn Bowman

Brewery District Mural

The Brewery District has become a popular spot in town (you can check them out on my official guide to Fresno!), so naturally it has to have its own mural. If you make a stop to the district, you definitely need to visit this cool mural.

Location: 723 Fulton Street

Acero Picado

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a mural or a wall, but this art structure is literally my favorite piece of art in the entire city. Resembling the traditional papel picado in Mexican culture, the bright and vibrant trio of paired arched gateways and panels are a stunning addition to the Mariposa Plaza.

Location: Fulton Street & Mariposa Street  // Artist: Gordon Huether

Van Ness Sign

This one isn’t necessarily a mural either, but it was once the famous sign people saw when they came to Fresno. It’s amazing to think that this was the first thing people saw while driving into the city! The sign is beautiful and an absolute treasure. If you want want to take a picture under the sign like I did, make sure to take someone with you to watch out for traffic. Also, if you go at night, you’ll be lucky enough the see the neon lights of the sign lit up!

Location: 2235 S. Van Ness Avenue 

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best murals to see in Fresno!

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  1. These are all really cool. A definite bucket list item for me! I always love your post when you do your travel guides. Thanks for sharing. 🙂👍


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