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Live Life in Full Bloom This Spring With This DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask

Made with just a cotton face mask and Tulip Color Rainbow Watercolor Fabric Markers and Dimensional Fabric Paint, this DIY Watercolor Face Mask is blooming with good vibes.

(Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Tulip Color. Fabric markers and dimensional fabric paint were provided by Tulip Color. All content and opinions in this post are entirely my own. For full transparency, you can see all of The Colorventurer’s sponsored posts by searching “sponsored” on this site. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep The Colorventurer going!)

Spring is finally in full bloom and I am excited to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and all of the beautiful flowers! But while we are ready to spring into the season and go on some fun adventures, it’s important that we still bring our face mask along with us. Thankfully, I’ve partnered up with Tulip Color to bring you a fun face mask idea that will keep you safe while putting a spring in your step: A DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask!

With just a white cotton face mask and Tulip Color Rainbow Watercolor Fabric Markers and Dimensional Fabric Paint, you can easily create a festive face mask that will keep you looking “dandy”, and I’m not “lion”!

Plus, since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this adorable face mask would also be a great present for Mom!

Read on below to learn how to make your own DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Here’s How to Make Your DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask:

Before creating your DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask, wash your face mask (without fabric softener) to remove any potential residue from the fabric and ensure you will get the brightest colors.

This part is optional, but to make decorating your spring-inspired face mask a little easier, you can create a stand with a glass jar and some string to stretch out the mask on a flat surface. I found that by using a temporary stand made out of a small fishbowl and string (though you can use any kind of jar), it helped to keep the mask taut for coloring and painting. Simply wrap your face mask around the small jar and tie some string through the ear bands to secure it. Again, this is purely optional, but I highly suggest this step.

Now it’s time to get creative, so get out your Tulip Color Rainbow Watercolor Fabric Markers! Since spring is bursting with brightly-colored blooms, I thought it was only fitting to use as many of the Tulip Color Fabric Markers as possible.

For this Watercolor Floral Face Mask, I wanted to have a big, bold blossom to be the focal point of the mask and a cabbage rose is the perfect flower for it. Using the fuchsia Tulip Color Rainbow Watercolor Fabric Marker, start by drawing a small swirl shape, then create a few curved lines around the swirl to expand the flower. After drawing a few curved lines around the center, I switched to the orange Tulip Color Fabric Marker to add dimension to the flower design. Draw a few more curved lines with the orange marker to complete the cabbage rose shape. No flower would be complete without its leaves, so with the green marker, draw leaves on either side of the cabbage rose. To add dimension to the leaves and to give it more of that watercolor appearance, use the yellow marker on the edges of the leaves. Since the green leaves will still be wet from the coloring, the yellow will run a bit, giving the flower that watercolor-like effect.

With the cabbage rose finished, I began to create other flowers for the mask. It’s important to note that you can create whatever kind of flowers you’d like—it’s your mask! So, create your favorite flowers!

Next, to create the daisy, draw a yellow center with the yellow Tulip Color Fabric Marker, then make petals around it with the fuschia marker. To add some watercolor flair, use the purple marker to draw little lines onto the petals, which will bleed out into the petals. Lastly, add some leaves to the flower with the green marker.

For the cistus flower (bottom left of mask), draw and fill in the flower’s petals with the orange Tulip Color Fabric Marker. To create the dots in the center of the flower, simply tap the red and fuchsia markers around the center of the flower. Complete the flower with some leaves with the green marker and add some dimension to the leaves by using the yellow marker.

Of course, it’s only fitting to have a tulip on a spring face mask. With the yellow Tulip Color Fabric Marker, create the center of the tulip, then leaving a small gap between each section, draw the top and outside petals on both sides of the center. Next, with the orange fabric marker, fill in the gaps. Since the yellow sections will still be wet, the colors will bleed together, giving the tulip a beautiful watercolor effect. Add a stem and some leaves to the base of the tulip with the green and yellow fabric markers.

To round out all of the flowers, I created a snapdragon for the final flower. Start by drawing a stem with the green Tulip Color Fabric Marker, then with the yellow fabric marker, create a swirl at the top of the stem. To add some dimension to the flower, take the red fabric marker and add some smaller swirls within the yellow—the color will blend out into the yellow of the snapdragon.

If you so choose, you can add some extra color and flair between all of the flowers, as I did, and create dots all around the mask. I used the purple, blue, and fuchsia Tulip Color Fabric Markers to create the dots.

Now, let the face mask dry completely.

After the face mask was dry, I wanted to make the cabbage rose—the focal point of the face mask—stand out even more. I used Tulip Color Fabric Paint to add dimension to the cabbage rose. With Tulip Color Puffy Dimensional Fabric Paint in pink and lime and Tulip Color Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint in orange, trace over the fabric paints’ respective colors in the flower and let the mask sit to dry once more.

Once your mask is completely dry, you can wear it out for all of your spring adventures!

How fun was it to create this festive spring face mask?! The bright colors are so fun, especially for spring!

What sort of flowers would you draw on your DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask? Let me know in the comments below!

Last “bud” not least, I hope you have an amazing spring!

2 thoughts on “Live Life in Full Bloom This Spring With This DIY Watercolor Floral Face Mask”

  1. I really liked all the bright colors you used for the mask. A great idea for my daughter with her colorful outfits she likes to wear during the spring.


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