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There’s No Bones About It, This Skele-Fun Skeleton Cage Is a Must For Your Halloween Decor 

With some plastic laundry baskets, spray paint, and a Halloween Skeleton, you can create an easy and spooktacular Skeleton Cage to display for Halloween! 

Halloween is almost here, so it’s time to get those spooky decorations out! If you’re still in need of some spooktacular Halloween decor ideas to add that spooky season atmosphere to your home, then I have the perfect DIY for you! 

Using some plastic laundry baskets from the dollar store and black spray paint, I was able to create a spooky cage to display my Halloween skeleton! Add some spooky Halloween chains and you’ll have a skele-fun Skeleton Cage to display for Halloween! 

This DIY is such a great way to have a spooky Halloween display while not spending a lot of money or investing a lot of time. It’s also a fun project to work on with the family! 

Read on below to learn how to make your own DIY Skeleton Cage! 

Here’s What You’ll Need: 

  • 2 plastic laundry baskets (mine are from Dollar Tree!)
  • Black spray paint
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Faux chain(s)
  • Skeleton 
  • Craft knife 

Here’s How to Make Your DIY Skeleton Cage:

To begin making your cage, take a craft knife (it’s important that you have sharp craft knife here) and cut off the raised edge on the handle of one of the plastic baskets. Be careful when cutting!! Since the baskets have the raised lip along the handles, this will allow the baskets to lay flush against each other when assembling the cage.  

Once the handles are removed on the one basket, spray paint both baskets black. You can use any kind of spray paint you like; I opted for one with a glossy finish. If you find black plastic laundry baskets, use those instead to save yourself some time. Allow the baskets to dry completely before apply the finishing touches with spray paint on the inside of the baskets. 

With the spray paint, also paint the six shower curtain hooks and let them dry. 

When everything is dry, it’s time to think about what to put inside the cage. I used a skeleton I got from the store to be a “prisoner” inside the cage and added some decorative Halloween shackles for fun. 

Now, use four of the shower curtain rings to hold the two baskets together, attaching two on both sides of the handle on either side of the baskets.

Attach some spooky season chain to the roof of the top basket to hang the cage from with two shower curtain rings. 

Once your cage is assembled, it’s time to display it for Halloween! 

That’s it! Wasn’t that super easy?! And it turns out looking so spooky! 

Would you create this DIY Halloween Witch for spooky season? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, you can find the video tutorial for this DIY Skeleton Cage on my TikTok! 

Before you go, make sure to save this post to your Halloween Pinterest board! (You can find the Pinterest button at the bottom of this article.) 

I hope you have a skele-fun Halloween! 

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