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Witch Please, This Halloween Witch Is Super Easy to Make For Spooky Season

Add some fun to your Halloween decor with this DIY Halloween Witch! All you need is a tomato cage, milk jug, paint, and black cloth or plastic covers! 

Halloween is nearly here and I couldn’t be anymore excited! I have been decorating the house with all of my Halloween decor, but wanted to add an extra fun element to my decor: a Halloween witch! I have always loved those spooky yard witches that you could put out on your front lawn, so I wanted to attempt to make my own witch to display.

I found that by using a few simple materials, you could easily create your own decorative witch at home! An empty milk jug could easily be converted into a witch’s head (just turn it upside down!) and a tomato cage from the home improvement store could very quickly create her body.

This DIY Halloween Witch doesn’t require many materials and can actually be completed rather quickly! Plus, she makes for such a spooky yet adorable addition to your Halloween decor! You can display her in your yard, on your front porch, or even in an entryway to greet company.

Read on below to learn how to make your own DIY Halloween Witch for spooky season!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A gallon-sized milk jug
  • Green, white, and black paint
  • A tomato cage
  • An old pillow (optional)
  • Black material (I actually used weed cover!)
  • A large bow
  • Witch’s hat (wig optional)
  • Masking tape

Here’s How to Make Your DIY Halloween Witch:

Using an empty gallon milk jug (shout out to my dad for drinking the entire gallon since I can’t!), paint it green (or any color of your choosing) to create the witch’s head. Allow the milk jug to dry completely. You may need to go back and retouch it or do a second coat to ensure you have even coverage.

Once the milk jug is dry, turn it upside down to start creating her face. The mouth of the jug will be the witch’s neck and the handle will be her protruding nose. With black paint, start by painting her eyebrows on either side of where the jug handle begins. Next, with white paint, paint two half circles to create the base for the eyes under the eyebrows and where the handle begins. Once that dries, use black paint to outline the white half circles and create pupils. Use black paint to also create eyelashes to give your witch a more happy expression.

Directly underneath the handle of the jug, paint a smile for the witch’s face with black paint. You can even add a fun snaggletooth and a birth mark to give your witch some fun character! Allow the witch’s head to dry completely.

Next, use a tomato cage (you can find these at any home improvement store) to create her body. I got a taller tomato cage so she’d be life-sized. Tape the top metal rods together so it creates a point.

Now, this is optional, but I slid a small pillow through the top level of the tomato cage to give the witch shoulders (if the pillow is too big, slide the edges of the pillow back into the cage to get your desired width for her shoulders). Then, use weed cover to cover the tomato cage and create the witch’s dress. I cut two large sheets of weed cover, taping a floor-length piece going backwards on her first, then taped another piece going forward to look like a cape. I double-sided tape so you couldn’t see it. You could easily use black table covers for this instead, but the weed cover makes it convenient since you can customize the length you need based on the height of the tomato cage.

To complete the witch’s ensemble, you can add a bow around her neck to make a collar for her dress. To complete the witch’s body, slide the milk jug head onto the top metal rods. Lastly, add a witch’s hat. I found one that already had a wig attached to it and just trimmed the hair to her shoulders and created bangs. ⁣⁣

There you go! You’ll have the cutest Halloween witch!

Would you create this DIY Halloween Witch for spooky season? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, you can find the video tutorial for this DIY Halloween Witch on my TikTok!

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Witching you a Happy Halloween! 

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