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How to Make an Easy DIY Tassel Keychain

Learn how to make simple tassel keychains that are cute for purses or even key rings!

If you’re anything like me, you probably love adding fun and colorful accessories to your outfit—from shiny bracelets and rings to exciting handbags. I just feel like an outfit isn’t complete without it! Plus, it’s one of my favorite ways to add some extra personality and pizzazz to my #OOTD.

To make my outfit even more perfect, I also like to bling out my purses and clutch with cute keychains. If you’re a Can’t Clutch This lover like me, you know that the secret to any fabulous bag is the flair, am I right?!

Sometimes, however, it can be hard to find some cute flair to add to your bags, or they sell out quickly, so I wanted to figure out a way to make my own colorful keychains to add to all of my bags. So, I put together these cute, little tassel keychains! Believe it or not, but these are actually super easy to make!

Read on below to learn how to make an easy, DIY tassel keychain!

Here’s What You Need to Make a Tassel Keychain:

Making Your Tassel Keychain:

First, lay your embroidery floss skein flat out on the table, and gingerly remove the small, paper tubes from either end. Carefully grabbing one of the end strands, slowly unravel it twice from the skein and cut, roughly 10 inches long. Set the piece aside. Then, grabbing that same strand, unravel it once more and cut, roughly 5 inches.

Taking the smallest piece you cut, gently slide in underneath the skein of embroidery floss until it is in the center and tie a double not. Take the remaining loose ends of your knot and lay one strand on either side of your knot. No need to trim—it’ll become part of the tassel’s fringe bottom!

Now, it’s time to slide the embroidery floss through the D-ring on the lobster claw clap.

Tightly twist one end of the embroidery floss (don’t cut the loops just yet!), and slide it through the D-ring, pulling it down to the center of the skein where you tied your knot. Once the embroidery floss is through, set down your tassel and grab your longer piece of embroidery floss that you cut and set aside earlier.

Taking your strand of embroidery floss, slide in under your tassel and tie a double knot about a third of the way down the bundle of embroidery floss. With the rest of the strands, wrap it around the top of the tassel several times until just a small amount of the strands remain. At this point, tie the remainder of the strands together securely with a double knot and cut off the excess close to the knot.

Now, taking your tassel, slide your finger through all the loops at the bottom of the tassel, straightening them out. Using a pair of sharp scissors (dull scissors will make it harder to cut and cut evenly), cut the loops at the base of the tassel.

To even up the ends, flatten out the tassel by running it through your stretched out fingers a few times and cut along the edge. To make a more even tassel end, rotate the tassel and repeat your cutting until the base is even and straight.

Now your tassel keychain is finished and ready to be used!

I had so much fun making these (especially since they’re so simple to make!), so I obviously had to make some more! Aren’t the cute?! Which one is your favorite color?

The best part is that these tassel keychains are completely customizable. You can use any color you’d like! Just find a skein of embroidery floss you like! These tassel keychain can be used as an extra fun accessory on your purse or can even be used on your key ring. Even better, you can use this tassel making method to create tassel earrings! Now wouldn’t that be fun?!

What color tassel keychain would you make? Let me know in the comments below!

For the video tutorial on these tassel keychains, make sure to check out my TikTok!

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