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This Heart Bag is Totes Adorable For Valentine’s Day

Need a cute bag for your Valentine’s Day outfit (or gift)? This tote bag is tote-ally perfect!

Valentine’s Day fashion is one of my favorite parts about the holiday. Sure, Cupid’s Day might look a bit different this year with social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out in the fashion department for Hearts Day! The day of love is still reason enough to look cute, because this day is all about celebrating self-love and all of the relationships in your life that lift you up.

One accessory that will look absolutely adorable with your Hearts Day outfit is this super cute DIY Heart Tote Bag! Plus, you won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to make this fun bag. All you really need is a canvas bag, fabric paint, and pencil. Yup—it’s that simple!

This tote bag will add a sweet touch to your Valentine’s Day outfit (or you can even use it as a one-of-a-kind gift bag for a heartfelt gift for your loved ones, because who wouldn’t love an adorable reusable bag as a gift?!).

Read on below to learn how to make your own Heart Tote Bag!

Here What You’ll Need:

  • A canvas tote bag (you can find them for super cheap at the craft store)
  • Fabric paint (I used pink and red fabric paint, as well as a paper plate to hold the paint)
  • A piece of cardboard (or something to put in between the two layers of the tote bag so paint doesn’t bleed through)
  • No. 2 pencils
  • Painter’s tape

Here’s How to Make Your Heart Tote Bag:

First, lay out your canvas tote bag and insert a piece of cardboard inside the bag. This will prevent any paint from bleeding through when you begin painting.

To get the heart shape for your design, you will need a heart template to add to the tote bag and paint around. I used some foam craft hearts that I had on hand from Dollar Tree, but you could even make your own heart out of paper to use as a template. Use whatever you have on hand/whatever is easiest!

Apply some painter’s tape to the back of your heart template to stick it onto the tote bag so it won’t move while you’re painting. I simply rolled each painter’s tape strip I used to make it double-sided.

Once you have the heart attached to the tote bag, it’s time to paint! I used red and pink paint to make it more festive for Valentine’s Day, but you can use whatever color(s) you’d like to make it more your style or to fit any occasion!

To paint your tote bag, you will need No. 2 pencils—one for each color you use. You will be using the eraser to make small dots around the heart. The eraser makes for an easy way to create uniform-sized dots.

Take your No. 2 pencil and dip it easer-side down into the paint, completely coating the eraser, and dab it onto the tote bag along the edge of the heart. You will want to dab the paint-coated eraser around the heart to ensure that you have a clear heart shape for your bag (as shown below). You can paint with one pencil/one paint color at a time, or you can paint with multiple colors/pencils at once—whatever is easiest for you! If you are noticing that your circles are starting to become fainter after several dabs, simply stick your pencil in the paint again before continuing to dab.

After you have painted dots around the edge of the heart to make a distinct line for your heart shape, fill in the rest of the tote as much as you’d like. I personally wanted to really fill mine in so you would clearly notice the heart in the middle.

Once your tote bag is filled in to your liking, allow the bag to rest until the paint is completely dry.

When the paint has dried, carefully remove the heart template from the tote bag to reveal your heart design in the center.

There you go! Isn’t that bag so cute?!

I love how incredibly easy this project was, and you still end up with the most adorable bag ever that’s perfect for rocking with a cute Valentine’s Day outfit (or for using as a gift bag for your Hearts Day gifts)!

What do you think of this Heart Tote Bag? Would you make one? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, you can find the video tutorial to the Heart Tote Bag with commentary to walk you through everything on my TikTok!

I hope you have a tote-ally awesome Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “This Heart Bag is Totes Adorable For Valentine’s Day”

  1. I really like your heart bag. I’m going to share this one with my daughter. She loves to craft and this is so simple! You really give great crafting ideas, thanks.


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