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You’ll Be Walking on Sunshine With These DIY Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes

From my DIY heart t-shirt to my colorful waffles, you know that I am all about tie-dye, Colorventurers! I’ll honestly take just about any excuse to be able to wear (or even eat, in the case of my tie-dye waffles) anything super bright and colorful! After all, life is just too short to go unnoticed, so why not stand out with exuberant, vibrant clothing? I mean, am I right? Ha!

Since I am always looking for more fun items to tie-dye (and add to my closet), I thought I would tackle a pair of…wait for it…tie-dye shoes! These DIY Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes were so simple and easy to make, only requiring a few supplies, and in the end, I ended up with the cutest rainbow shoes that I am so excited to wear and to make my outfits even more colorful. Plus, I love how you can personalize these shoes with any design to completely make them your own. And who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes that are unique to them and their style?!

Read on below to learn how to make your own Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A colorful set of Sharpies (I love these neon ones that I got from Target!)
  • Plain, white canvas shoes (I got mine at Walmart for only $5.87!)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • An eye dropper
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper or something to cover your work surface

How to Make Your Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes:

As you prepare to make your tie-dye shoes, line your work surface with newspaper or a plastic table cover to prevent any messes while tie-dyeing. Once your work surface is covered, cover the rubber sole of your shoes with masking tape to keep the colors from running onto it. (You don’t necessarily have to do this step, but if you want to ensure that the soles of the shoes stay clean of marker, particularly when you apply the rubbing alcohol, I would highly suggest covering the soles with masking tape.)

After you have the masking tape around the soles, get out your Sharpies, because it’s time to color! For this project, I really like the neon Sharpies because the bright, bold colors really gave it that tie-dye vibe. With my shoes, I wanted to make more of a rainbow, so I eyed and marked five sections (one for each color) and colored in each section, starting with pink, then orange, yellow, green, and blue (like the rainbow, more or less).

But there are so many other fun patters that you can find online, like these fun, spiral tie-dye shoes. Try checking out Pinterest, too, for other tie-dye inspiration, or stick with the rainbow pattern like I did! The beauty of it is that these shoes are quite literally a blank canvas and are completely customizable, so personalize it to your taste. Make a design that speaks to you and shows your personality!

Once I had my rainbow stripes drawn and colored on one shoe, I used the colored shoe as a guide to mark my second shoe. Lining the shoes up side by side, I drew a small mark roughly around where the colors transitioned so the shoes would be even. I then colored in the second shoe in the same rainbow pattern.

After your pattern is completely drawn out, grab your rubbing alcohol and eye dropper. Sucking up just a little bit of rubbing alcohol at a time into the eye dropper, squeeze out the rubbing alcohol over the shoe, particularly in the sections where the colors transition so you’ll get that tie-dye effect with the colors blending together.

Continue pouring the rubbing alcohol over the shoes in sections until you have completely applied rubbing alcohol to the entire shoe for both shoes. Afterwards, let the shoes rest and completely dry. The recommended drying time is 24 hours, but if you put your shoes out on the patio in the summer heat like I did, they’ll be dry relatively quickly.

After your shoes have dried, if you’re satisfied with the pattern and coloring, then you’re good to go! You can always apply more rubbing alcohol to get the colors to bleed out more, but just make sure to allow them to dry again after applying more rubbing alcohol.

How cute did these Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes turn out?! Would you do a rainbow pattern, too, or would you create another cool pattern? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, you can watch my video tutorial for these DIY Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes on my TikTok!

I hope you have fun wearing your new Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes! If you make a pair of your own, make sure to tag me on Instagram @thecolorventurer!

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